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He had to adjust his position and soon lay beside her, his generous cock rock hard and pressed against his daughter's thigh. " Jo teased and slipped a hand between their bodies to grasp his erection. Jo felt her father's firm hand slip up over her ribs to close over her breast. She loved the way his palm grazed lightly over her nipple.

He pinched it between thumb and finger harder with each repetition.

The Dark Room has always been one of my favourite stories and for a long time I felt bad that I'd left it hanging. Some 8 years after I originally published this story on Literotica, you can now read the final instalment. I loved the plug in my bum and seeing how wide Sarah stretched herself was awesome." "Just when I thought my little girl couldn't get any kinkier," Dave mused aloud. She seized it in one hand and lowered her mouth over the tip and sucked noisily. She wrapped a hand around the shaft and pumped it to enhance the pleasure. "Maybe I didn't quite think that through," he laughed. I don't really want to do it here on the couch," Jo said to her father. She giggled when her father leapt up with a start once he managed to drag his gaze away from her panty-clad bottom. It was a very different kiss from any goodnight kiss they'd shared when Jo was little.

She slowly reclined back to the bed and her father followed her to maintain the kiss.He saw his cock start to slip again and then with a gasp, Jo pulled forward and he popped out. Its too dry." Dave bounced off of her bed and fetched some from his room. He squeezed Lube over his cock, and then stroked it up and down to ensure the whole shaft was coated. Jo still controlled the pace, but Dave now saw his cock slide deeper, each inch slowly swallowed by her delectable ass."It turns you on knowing this is going in my arse, doesn't it? When he was half inside her, he felt Jo begin to rock back and forth and his cock would slide out before she pushed back and took more inside. Jo had barely rocked for a few moments when he lost control and cried out and erupted.Gently he pressed his lips to the panties covering her pussy. "Goodnight little pussy." "Not there Daddy, here," Jo said as if she coached him.She showed him with her finger that she wanted his kiss right on the wet patch that was so evident in the red material of her panties.

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    Later, drunk and alone back at the Jungle Villa, she tells the camera, “This is so un-fun.” Then she offers a sweeping critical appraisal of the entire enterprise, voicing an opinion that I suspect is widely shared by viewers who have lasted this long: “Like, if you’re not gonna to get wild in the pool, that is boring as (beep) to me.”Katie is, so far, the outlier, a holdover, perhaps, from another era of reality television, when crass, low-budget shows felt no need to bolster their respectability or offer any credible justification for their existence beyond a mere shrug and the words “Why not?

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