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actor Bronson Pelletier was arrested on Monday (December 17) after allegedly peeing in public at a gate in LAX Airport in Los Angeles.

The 25-year-old actor was reportedly escorted off a flight for allegedly creating a disturbance on board.

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Celebrity news site Hypervocal notes that Pelletier is now the third celebrity to recently urinate in a plane or airport. ski team member and Olympic hopeful Robert "Sandy" Vietze urinated on a little girl during a Jet Blue flight.Her step father hated her, her mother thought she was useless, and Bella was always the golden child. How old is he- "Dad." I said sharply, cutting him off his ranting of questions. I just want you to understand that." He sighed and pulled me close to him. The only one who truly loved her and believed in her was her father. For the past week Bella has been trying to figure out what the Cullens are and I think she has finally figured it out because my dad just told me that Bella is dating Edward Cullen. You need someone your age." I groan and fell back in the chair. he's only two years younger and- "You like him? "I know you worry about me, but Seth wouldn't hurt me, he- "I know he won't, but he's a kid, Amy.

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