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He decided Chatsworth needed improvements so it could be a great showcase to visitors, most of the house was rebuilt and designed in baroque style.

He rebuilt the gardens, kept the hunting tower and fish lakes.

Paxton worked at the gardens for thirty years and created a conservatory and experimented with glass houses as the Duke liked plant hunting on his tours and these plants required heat for their growth.

He also had an orchid collection and gardeners were sent to India to look for these and they were displayed in the greenhouses.

The cascade house when operating fully had water flowing from the top of the dome.

By 1715 it became unfashionable to have intricate gardens as these were expensive to run and a more natural looking garden style was now in fashion.

William Cavendish became the 6th Duke of Devonshire in 1811 and was known as the bachelor Duke as he never married.

New material is added all the time, so to keep up with our research, make your visits frequent!Paxton went on tours of Europe with the Duke and Sarah Paxton, Joseph’s wife, would run the garden whilst he was away.Chatsworth have many letters in their possession from Sarah and Joseph that they sent each other during these tours and archivists are currently studying them.The hunting lodge existed at this time along with the fish lakes and the dower house where Queen Mary stayed during her seven visits to Chatsworth. The turnpike road to reach Chatsworth was via Edensor. She had nine children, six survived, these children were with William.Their second son inherited Chatsworth who bought the title Earl of Devonshire as there was already an Earl of Derbyshire, so a title was created for him.

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