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After being secretly married for a little over two months, the former Destiny’s Child member has quietly parted ways with her husband, Rob Hillman.

According to TMZ, the two were married in January and their divorce is now finalized.

Luckett is right there next to original members Beyoncé, Kelly Rowlands (who knows what happened to those two), and La Tavia Roberson, and she is killing it just like her bandmates.

Luckett was with Destiny's Child until 2000, when she parted ways with the group.

Her fiancee, Tommicus Walker, is an entrepreneur from Arlington, TX. He explained that him and Le Toya grew apart and decided they were better as friends.

Out of all the excitement coming out of this year's Cannes Film Festival, one of the most exciting is the casting announcements for the upcoming Dionne Warwick biopic. How did she nab a seriously prime musical biopic role? First things first: Luckett is anything but wet behind the ears when it comes to singing.

“That one time @Le Toya Luckett planned a surprise BDay dinner for @Iam TWalk2 but he had a bigger surprise for her. Although details of the split have been kept private, Luckett shared some insight in the spring.

It also asks that no “photos, videos, recordings, or other documents” are provided to media outlets and blogs.

It was previously reported that the two were engaged, but not married. C.’s WKYS 93.9 FM, Hillman opened up about his breakup with Luckett before their marriage was publicly revealed. “We’re not getting married at this point because we understand each other as friends, the right way.

Bryon Javar revealed that Le Toya Luckett was engaged on his Instagram page. It looks like the former Destiny’s Child member is giving love another chance.

The image below shows Le Toya smiling from ear-to-ear. I love Le Toya and I’m happy for her but I wouldn’t rush into another marriage. That means she has been dating this new guy for about a year. is a relationship expert but they were unable to make things work.

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