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Sources: Dutch Drug Policy CBS News-Inside Holland's Half Baked Pot Policy Many countries are changing their policies about marijuana use; particularly the US.Both the mayor of Denver and the governor of Colorado know there will be problems in their state. The use of marijuana by teens has been on the rise since the mid-2000s.In an interview in The Liberty Voice, Governor Hickenlooper urged states considering legalization not to overlook the unintended consequences of legalizing something that is really not good for the human body. The rise in use is reflective of the changing perceptions and values in our culture.Coffee shops are not allowed to sell more than 5 grams/day to any individual. Coffee shops are limited to what level of potency they can sell. Coffee shops cannot sell to minors under the age of 18. Coffee shops must check the IDs of all customers to make sure they meet residency requirements (Dutch citizen). Coffee shops may not sell alcoholic beverages to reduce criminal behavior.The Dutch society has been split over the idea of marijuana legalization due to the negative impact of drug tourism.

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