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For six years I think I was the greenest governor in America: we made many, many investments.

Attending college during the highly political time of the sixties spurred Quinn into politics: In 2002, Quinn was elected lieutenant governor of Illinois and ascended to the state’s highest office in 2009 when former governor Rod Blagojevich was impeached on corruption charges.We passed an income tax increase to pay for the cost of government, and I believe taxes should be based on ability to pay.I would say again from my time at Georgetown, from the School of Foreign Service, you had to take lots of economics, which I really liked.How did you move from the SFS to domestic politics? We had the war in Vietnam, the civil rights movement, the environmental movement began while we were in college and many other movements; the woman’s movement. I remember going down one day to the Supreme Court, to hear a case in person. He’d just been elected, and I volunteered in his office for a couple years. What were the immediate challenges you faced from being thrust into that position?It was always interesting, politics, but I had no idea what the future would hold. It was a tough time for the country and for our state, because it was in the depths of the Great Recession.

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