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I have a new son and received some flowers from them today- The message only said, " congratulations" so I called them to find out who sent them- The women who answered said she can't disclose that information without their permission, she put me on hold and tried calling them- They didn't answer so she said they would call me back when they hear back- Just a thought as it is the holidays so people may be getting flowers I received a call from , on Dec- , with someone that had an accent and I could not understand what they were saying other than something about million dollars and Readers Digest- They had an accent and I could not understand them so I hung up- I have received calls from this same voice before at other numbers- , , and this one I was browsing the internet on when all of a sudden my screen went blue with the message: BSOD: Error Registry Failure of operating system- Host: Blue Screen Error xce- There was a white dialog box on top of it saying to call Microsoft immediately- Do not shut down- wormpp-tanked-trojanv- Call Microsoft immediately at , I couldn't do anything with the computer- I was afraid to just shut it off fearing I would lose all my information- I had no idea of what to do, so in a panic I called the number- The first person (with an accent) that answered said he would call me back in a few minutes- Twenty minutes went by so I called again- This time the person immediately set about to help me- Reluctantly, I gave him control of the computer after authorizing - payment for technical repair and one year unlimited support with Geek Saints Solutions at , This person said no data was compromised, showed me that Internet protection was not turned on (he turned it on), installed Adblocker to stop popups, showed me an article in Wikipedia regarding Trojan horses- Then the tech came on- He said it would take - minutes to repair my computer- After about this amount of time, he called me back and said everything should work- The computer did work much better and then gave me a password - I was to ask for that password should anyone call me regarding the computer- The next day the same tech called saying he needed to check a couple of settings- I was unable to go to my computer at that time and asked him to call back in an hour or the next day at noon- He did not- Almost afraid to use my computer I shut power off to it- Last night I decided to do something on it and within minutes had a call from the first person who had helped me- He gave me the password and I gave him control of the computer- The tech came on and said it would take minutes to do his check- Twenty minutes or so later, he called me back and said everything looked good-I just don't know if this was legit or not- I don't know who to call or who to trust- I fear all my information on the computer has been accessed and copied- What do I do?

Totally lost, nervous, angry, and untrusting Got a call from this # this morning (I've gotten calls before from this #), I thought the ID said T I, but maybe I looked at it wrong, since everybody seems to be saying the ID shows I I- But they did not leave a message This # keeps calling my cell phone and hangs up when I pick up- I try to call it back and I always get a busy signal- They started calling after I received a letter in the mail saying I won a sweepstakes so I called it- I had the letter investigated and it was fraud- I never did talk to anyone when I called the #They call me at least twice a week about the va loan I have on my home- My home is paid for and I have never had a va loan- I was never in the service- They call my home phone and this morning they called my cell phone- I want to report this and I want it stopped or I am going to find out who this number belongs to and take legal action for harassment Same here- The calls started today - When you call it back it doesn't give company name but it did give me option to put my number on thier DO NOT CALL list- So I did that- Hopefully calls will stop now Area code is Jamaica the Caribbean country- International premium rates apply- As you have a prepaid phone, those rates are very premium- Check phone numbers first, and take no calls from area code - There is also a -ring scam from other Caribbean countries- You might want to do some research & don't take, or call back area codes outside your own until you check them This number has been quite the nuisance on my land line every evening for several months (or some similar number , different last four digits)- The frequency of the calls have ranged from to minutes apart- I let the answering machine pick up but they never leave a message until tonight , not really a message though , There was a human on the other end saying hello and my name , probably thought I picked up-Then the phone rang again not minutes later, This has to stop Have been receiving calls from this number and others like it for well over a year- Caller ID says M- Bernstein but they never leave a message- Ditto for calls from V- Rubinstein , Y- Barsky , and Y- Zacks , Who are these idiots?

from Erin (refuses to give last name)of "Extended Auto Warranty"- I punched in the number to speak with a representative- When advised that her employer is breaking the law by calling me and subject to fines, she claimed that the reason they're calling is that I'm NOT on the do not call list- When I said I was, she asked if I was paying the monthly fee- When advised there is no monthly fee, she retorted, "Yes there is- That's why you're not on it , because you're not paying for it-" Then she hung up I had a similar experience- the texter knew my name, asked me to add them on yahoo messenger (like people still use that?

) with the id victoriagirly, and then when I asked who the person was they replied that they have no signal- Kinda creepy He keeps calling texting me- He knows my full name, knew my previous address, and knew things that he shouldn't have known- For example, the type of car I drive- I agree with Denise- He says things such as "I want to a f you-" Someone please help us, is part of a another phone scam- They are calling from Jamaica????

" and when I say yes they take me off their list- This "trick" works better than being on the Do Not Call list or asking to be put on their do not call list, usually they'll update their computer dialer that your number is a business and won't call back :p The call was to let me know I would redeive a - government grant for being a good citizen- The number showing on my phone showed a area code- When I asked the caller his name and phone number he gave the name of Bob Cruz and the phone number as - and the he was with the government grants division- He didn't speak good english, I hung up on him Put your number on the national do not call list (just google that and you'll go right there- Then after days you can report them and they can get fined by the FCC- The FCC just handed out several million dollars in fines to big offenders- ALLSEC TECH has been absolutely harassing me to give me credit cards that I refuse- I've called them and asked them to stop calling me, but they will not I have no idea why I would be receiving a call from a debt collector- To make matters worse, this person called my mother, who is - When I called back to find out the situation, no information given- Very vague I get calls from this number at least twice a day,same thing happens as the person said-its a daily Jackpot recorded message and there is no way to opt out, I find this really annoying and would like to report them to stop calling They have been calling me this week- I have not answered yet- I know how to handle them- Don't answer til you are prepared to blast them- I had another lady calling me on my peak minutes, when I got done with her and making her feel as small as I wanted her to, she hung up- No more calls from the number- So now that I see, its another telemarketer, let them call me again- Lol- I am so ready- If you are reading this, YO BET NOT CALL ME NO MO- (LOL) I spelled it that way i meant to A brian Jones calling both cell phone # trying to collect on a pay debt loan,now is calling my home- I made a report with the local police and tomorrow a report is going to the DA office Big Scam he is running a big Scam Florida NY and other States This number repeatedly is calling indicating that the installation of my hi speed internet has been set for a certain date and to press one to confirm- When calling back, it tells you to call another company Got the same call this morning () at the same time am EST- This time however Globalknowledge answered the call- I informed them of the calls I was receiving and they claim that they know noting of this- I asked to be removed from their list and provided the link to this site- I have included the follow-up email below and removed the voice number, but I would suggest that if you have same issue you forward an email to the contact below- Thank you for taking the time to speak to me today, again I want to apologize for the inconvenience with the phone calls you have been experiencing- The reason I was giving you a call today was to speak with you about the -NET training that you had been interested in- I know my colleague Holly sent you some information in the beginning of August and said that approval on your training takes about a month- I wanted to follow up with you today to see if you had gained that approval yet- Please let me know if you are ready to get this course scheduled and I would be more than happy to get that all set up for you- Finally, I just want to apologize and thank you for letting me know of this error that is happening- Whenever Global Knowledge calls you, it will come up a - number but it shouldn't be just a dead line, I'm not sure that anyone was aware, and I appreciate you giving me some feedback on what you're hearing- Best Regards,email this number called me and rd party disclosed about my daughter- said it was in reguard to a legal matter pending against my ssn # it was a in reguards to fraud and they were going to forward the info to niagara county court etc etc- they broke all FDCPA laws under the sun, they did not disclose who they were nor would they provide me their addressevery other day for a week now i have been receiving calls from this number, and each time, when i pick up, there is nothing on the other line- my cell phone is receiving the call, and the minute i pick up the call i can see that the call has been terminated before i even say hello Person claims to be SSC for blood test items- try to get your doc Name, your SS Number- Say that you will get a free tester for your blood- this is a scam- do not give them you info- call FTC, and other Gov- places to report this person- Level Communication is a known scam group and should be shutdown for good Scott Len Called and asked to speak to the owner of the company when he was told the owner wasnt in he just hung up he has called times now in the past days- I noticed the other posts and I did get a pen in the mail from the myron company so i will be mentioning that were not interested in anymore pens and see if that will stop the annoying callsno, they are really a good company and they made my laptop run like a new one they worked on my system for hours and they are really headquarted in ridgewood-NJ and they are partners with microsoft or else thet woldn't have appeared in the microsoft website This number is Education Management Corporation- They are one of the largest providers of private post-secondary education in North America, based on student enrollment and revenue- I clicked on a banner that suggested their are grants for college and see if you qualify- I completed the information- Never received any information even though they had my email address and street address- Almost immediately my phone started ringing like Cr Az Y Every day, all day,even though I entered the best time to call me is in the evening- The schools they represent are The Art Institutes and Argosy University in Southern California- But the are headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA- Why would I go to one of their schools when they can not follow simple instructions, and believe they can harass someone to death to get they to go to their school- I don't want to go to a school that uses telemarketers- Something kind of creepy about that Received recorded message that a some account of mine had been suspended due someone trying to fraudulently access- I couldn't understand the name so I pressed one to connect with security- Then I was given option to press to reactivate or to leave, after waiting several cycles of that message hoping to speak to a live person I hung up- I called the number and was told the number was available Callers from this number and other similar numbers are calling my home stating that i am preapproved for a payday advance loan- The make derogatory statements like I must be poor and they are going to block my social number and that I can call Barack Obama- I am not sure who these people are but they call my home phone at least times a day Just got a call - Nov - sounds similar to many of the previous comments - very heavy Indian accent - and definitely suggesting my computer is at risk - I didn't catch whether she said it was microsoft or not - but listened a bit to hear what was up today - then I just hung up Caller I-D- says St- Josephs Hospital, Syracuse, NY; unable to confirm- After my "hello" greeting twice, caller remained silent even though I could hear talking in the background- Possible patient "room" phone as several look-up sites say "unlisted" as number's ownera person with a New York accent called me and started pitching REO property to me- They said they worked for Nationwide REO and wanted me to buy a k bank owned property located in Detroit- I told them I could buy packages of Detroit REO's for a thousand a house-The thing they didn't realize was, I'm a well seasoned broker investor and get calls like this all the time-They even started explaining what an REO was to me- Little did they know, I bought several Florida REO's recently directly from banks ; one from Deutsche Bank, and the other from Wells Fargo,k in cash purchases, and k in cash renovations These people are some debt collectors trying to intimidate people on the phone- They do not have a clue who they are calling but think they can bully you over the phone- I think they are scum that gathers old accounts that others have had in the past and tries to collect the owed monies but they do not have the correct information so they bother people that are not the ones they are looking for- I guess they feel if you throw enough hooks into the water you will catch a fish- report them as often as they call then they might get dumped form the planet- They already have had several law suits from their actions and I am sure there are more pending and to come- Rid the planet of these scum sucking pigs-: Belongs to: Nathan Henry Haynes- AKA: Nathan H Hayves Thyme Cir, South Jordan Utah Wife is Tiffany Ann Gunnuscio AKA: Tiffany A Haynes- Previous address: Navajo St- Salt Lake City Utah - Juanita Loop Eagle River Ak - th Ave, # Anchorage, Ak - Vidas Ave # Salt Lake City Ut - Pinehurst Way # Seattle WA - Nate Haynes: Owner Tree Service You won blah blah blah- Go to this link to claim your prize blah blah blah- Oh, but you have to complete all these offers first and you'll have to pay for a bunch of expensive crap you don't need until you've spent more than the value of your "prize"I keep receiving a call and the person keeps hanging up- When I called back they kept hanging and up until I called them from a different phone the answered said company name Allied Auto Warrantee- I have already several times told this company to remove my number and not to call me so now the keep calling and hanging up Not sure who this is, a recording to say someone entered my name for a chance to win,???

and about trips, etc, I pressed and it hung up on me I did a phone # reverse look up,and this call is coming from NJ, USA?

)- I needed to go to Walmart and send to NY to validate first- Caller ID shows Cell Phone JMI keep receiving phone calls from , I answer the phone after rings and nobdy talks then the connection ends- It happens everytime they call- I finally called them back and got a number to call , they then have a automated service that you can choose to remove yourself from their call list ( put on a do not call list- the worst part is that you answer the call but nobody is there- I would have donated but not if I'm good enough to talk to I have received a phone call from , , , , , , , , , , ALL PHONE NUMBERS LEAD BACK TO THE SAME SCAMMERS I DO NOT KNOW HOW THEY GOT MY INFORMATION- THEY HAVE CONTINUOUSLY CALLED MY JOB AND CELL PHONE- STATING THAT THEY ARE FROM A LEGAL DEPARTMENT- WHEN I ASK FOR A BUSINESS LICENSE NUMBER OR AN ADDRESS THEY BECOME VERY IRATE- ALL SPEAK WITH A THICK MIDDLE EASTERN ACCENT AND ARE REALLY RUDE I HAVE BEEN TOLD THE POLICE WILL BE ON THE WAY TO ARREST ME IF I DON'T CONFIRM MY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER OR SEND THEM MONEY AGAIN I ASK FOR THEIR INFORMATION, THEY HANG UPBEWAREReceived a call today - difficult to understand but believe he said "he was Shawn Schiffler from the IRS Tax Dept & there was some kind of legal matter (could not understand all he said) to be filed at the Court House so I needed to call , before I got arrested-"Condé Nast is a worldwide magazine publishing company- They are calling to try to get magazine sub renewals- My dad had several subscriptions to magazines but he passed away recently so they keep calling- Normally I just don't answer the phone if I don't know the number on the caller ID, if I did, I answer it like a fake business ("Hello, you've reached "fake company name", TJ speaking, How can I help you?

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Because this commericial garbage land that we live in and allow other people's money control and rule us and turn us into idiots and imbiciles like the ones i have unwillingly interacted with An Indian man called me from this number and told that he was from a legal department and that I committed an illegal act- I have been called from these same people using a different number: () - and using the name of Morgan & Associates- I informed him that I knew it was a scam and that I had the police investigating this matter from me- The man apologized and told me that he would make sure that I didn't receive anymore phone calls from his company- These people are extortionists and scammers Do not give these people any of your information such as real name, bank info, address, SS#,etc- I'm pretty sure they will be calling back using a different name and number Lmfao Got told they were the better business bureau and I would be receiving - million dollars, , in cash and a new Mercedes Benz- Yeah I am going to fall that one- Good luck Tony Anderson or whatever your name is Caller ID states "Dial America"At least three calls just today,this has been going on for weeks- Filed a complaint w national do not call list- Calls are either hang-ups, gibberish, or "this is a telemarketing call, we will call back when you are available (???" till she said yes- Then reiterated that if I receive one more call that I would be forced to take the matter to the police, so it would be in your best interest to remove me from your records- Everybody check with your phone company, they have a call trace * that will record the records of calls from the number to allow proper investigation- Then check for your local law enforcement to see if they have a phone scam section in their department Good Luck to All Call from Health Ins Info. Most of us on Medicare have our own agents who keep up up to date with what changes are going on, we don't need to be cold called.Did not asnwer and will put this number into call block. This "company" keeps calling my phone number- They hang up if I answer and if I don't answer, keep leaving me silent voicemails- I believe that another company that I did business with has sold my number to this company - whoever they are I don't live in Georgia- Caller ID said , Conyers, GA-I checked the internet carefully,found out it is listed to: Chandrika D- Pharr- According to website: www-georgia-mugshot-gallery-com Counties Deka , r,html she was arrested , for harassing phone calls- This site gives more physical description of her as well as the warrant #, court case ID etc-Also go to website: www-citycouncil-atlantaga-gov Minutes p-pdf In she filed a civil charge against the City of Atlanta, GA for alleged bodily injuries sustained after stepping on a manhole cover that supposedly collapsed on January ,- Atlanta's Public Safety & Legal Administration Committee that met July , gave her attorney Daniel C- Jason an "Unfavorable Recommendation" on paying the claim# -R- () listed on page of the meetings minutesi dont know who this is but they wont stop calling- the calls started same time as another number, and the other number showed up on here with most complaints being they ) never leave a message and ) call at all times of the day or night, and do not stop calling unless you call them and tell them to remove you- the other number being , most people said its an insurance comapny after getting quotes from e-surance, and ive got a hunch this numbers probably the same way, but like my voicemail says, leave a message or your obviously not important Received a call from this number at : pm central- Rang once or twice and hung up- By chance, has anyone dealt with , FLOWERS recently?Retired Sheriff Association asking for money- I also received a call from the Disabled Police Association, the previous day, from the same area code, asking for the same thing- This is a scam, targeting older people- BE AWAREI was researching tile flooring- Same thing: they said they would set me up with a local contractor- Excuse me, I think I can manage that for myself- From what their website looked like, I thought they WERE a local contractor Caller was from "just benefits affordable healthcare", I asked him how his company felt that it was above the federal do not call registry- He replied that we had requested information that "someone in household had requrested information about healthcare and 'Obamacare' (I kid you not)"- I told him that no had, to take us off of their call list, and that I was filing a complaint with the FCC (which I did)I was called times on Monday, again times on Tuesday and I fianally answered and gave the twit that tried to sell me something a piece of my mind- Her answer "Well, I'm sorry about that, but would you like to purchase blah blah"- I calmly asked her if she heard what I just told her and kept (now yelling, bc she must not have heard me the st time) telling her to take me off of their list, over and over and over again- I then asked her did she now understand what I was telling her?She started in on her sales speech again, so I kept up yelling "TAKE ME OFF OF YOUR LIST" until she hung up on me- Wheeeeethis is not a verizon wireless or a verizon fios- They are pretending like a collection agency to collect past due balance from whatever verizon devision- DO NOT GIVE THEM A CREDIT CARD NUMBER- They might call you a lot of times like real a real collection agency I got a text message from this number at :am this morning- When I asked who it was they said "Sydney", I asked if they were a Sydney I knew from a place and they said "No i live in vancouver-" When I asked if I knew them they stopped texting me Just read them the riot act Yelled at them that I had put through a call trace on the last call and that if I recieve one more call tonite that I will contact my local police phone busters section and press charges- Then repeatedly yelled at her "Do you understand?

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