Wowmatrix not updating dating man in their 30s

If you're so paranoid that a VOIP is somehow downloading every word you say to some server then that's on you, I guess?

This is one of the most "sky is falling" things I'veever heard. Also, yeah I know there are more processes if you scroll down, but they are still practically negligible compared to something like Google Chrome or even Discord (not saying Discord is resource heavy).

So I'm still using the same old curse client I've been using since tbc.

Runs, updates, and searches new addons perfectly fine. It's obviously not all of them, but a tremendous amount of the complaints seem to be from people who don't understand how RAM usage is unlike CPU usage - people who mistakenly think that the lower the usage the better, and having the Twitch client sit in RAM (without causing paging) is slowing down other programs like Wo W.

I use PTT, so there's at least some mitigation, but again, that's not something you should have to worry about with a legit program.

Legit software should close when you tell it to close.

The claim here is that essentially having spyware as a background process is "practically negligible".

For a lot of people, that is not the case, and is why they stay away from the services you mention (or take steps to minimize the information they leak). But hey, if you are one of those people that are "paranoid" about companies and the information they gather (which honestly, I understand), then by all means, find you something that works for you.

It really is a hateful trend in software, the last few years.Maybe you should learn how to use the Task Manager before trying to be funny.To see how much resources Twitch is actually using you have to go to the details tab, and there you'll see taking ~150Mb, and 4 or 5 instances of Twitch taking between ~70 Mb and ~10Mb each on a fresh run. So, I've been meaning to do this for a while now, since the Twitch/Curse client is... In short, this utility lets you edit a text file with Curse links to the addons you want to keep updated, and you just run a file to go through and update all of them at once.All the details are on the Github page linked above. I've even forgotten to type words sometimes, so I totally get missing reading one lol.

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