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This year's events included special "guests of honor" including Ursula Vernon, author and illustrator of the graphic novel Digger; Kyell Gold, author of gay furry erotica including The Prisoner's Release; and Sardyuon, a furry juggler and acrobat.As a yearly tradition, Eurofurence also orchestrated a charity auction, asking participants to donate artwork and rare items. She currently has 6 gallery links in her own Free Ones section.

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Strict, and asocial, Maria even has her lunches by herself at work.It is the revelation of the obscured, a reversal of the illusion: Charrière erases the visible, leaving only the invisible to be seen.In Charrière’s works we see time progressing, we see the mountain ranges on our doorstep, we see the forests covering our cities.She gets close to her similarly quiet and introverted boss Endre, and by pure chance, the two discover that they have the same dreams at night.They are puzzled, incredulous, a bit frightened, but then, they try to stand together in real life as in their dreams.

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